Concept/Recipe: Recipes are developed with a specific profile in mind for flavor, aroma, color, mouthfeel, etc. We keep them simple, using a base malt, specialty malts, minimal hops varieties, and our preferred house yeast strain.

Grain/Water in Mash Tun: Malted grains are milled to expose the tastiness that lies inside the grain hulls. Then, the grains are added to water at 152 degrees and held there for an hour while stirring. This improves the extraction of the sugars, enzymes, flavors, and colors of the grains, leaving a sweet wort solution.

Boil and Add Hops: Wort is boiled for sterilization. Hops are added at specific points during the boil to balance the sweetness of the wort with the bitterness extracted from the hops. Hops are added at various stages of the boil to impart taste and aroma into the solution.

Heat Exchanger: The boiled wort is passed through a heat exchanger to rapidly cool it to temperatures below 70 degrees. This creates an inviting atmosphere for the yeast to work its magic.

Fermentation & Conditioning: The cooled wort is moved to a fermentation vessel and yeast is pitched into the solution. The yeast converts most of the sugars in the wort into ethanol and carbon dioxide, resulting in the creation of our favorite beverage. Conditioning clarifies the beer and adds carbonation. This process takes about 3 weeks.

Quality Control: This is the best part. We are blessed with the good fortune of tasting to ensure that the process has yielded the desired results.

Packaging/Kegging: The finished product is moved into kegs and stored in a cooler. Eventually, we will add a canning line and package your new favorite beer in the best container for its integrity.